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Securing your children's future

Providing security for your children both now and in the future can often seem like a complex task with many different considerations to navigate. Parents understandably feel a need to ensure the financial and emotional security of their children should they not be there to provide this themselves, and want to do so in the most efficient and watertight way.

If you enjoy considerable wealth, financial security is arguably easy to manage. But without very careful consideration and planning, and without input from the right advisers, your children can be left with considerable risk. The Cripps Life team can work with you to ensure that, through wills and other financial structures, you not only ensure that your wealth is properly preserved, but that the right people and protections are put in place around it.

Absolutely key to this process is scenario planning – when it comes to our children, we understandably don’t like to think in terms of worst-case scenarios. But it’s vital to do so in order to ward off any risks they may encounter when you are no longer around. We can work with you to build a roadmap that your children can use without you, one that anticipates future risk and ensures that, when your wealth is handed down, potential issues are anticipated and your children are left feeling safe and secure.

In building this roadmap, we will help you to look ahead and decide how to best safeguard your children’s future. This encompasses everything from securing their education, to teaching them about the responsibility that comes with wealth and looking after their own property and investments. Whilst structures can be built to ring-fence wealth, we find that the best and more modern structures provide a training ground that allows the children to take charge of their future without relying on others and, eventually, do the same for their own children.

Most parents undoubtedly wish that their children end up in happy marriages, but this is something they have very little control over.  Not only that, but, as history repeatedly tells us, considerable wealth is often a hindrance to this.  Whilst legal protections can be put in place, and for many of the younger generations it is now an expectation, managing this process delicately is crucially important. When it comes to safeguarding your children from marriage- and divorce-related issues, Cripps Life offers much more than just legal solutions.

Where a family enterprise is concerned, securing the future can have be complex, with wider implications outside of a business context. Proper planning involves careful interaction between maintaining value for the children and securing the future of the business, which may or may not involve the children themselves.  The two cannot be separated and you need a team with expertise and understanding on both the personal and corporate side.  The Cripps Life team includes both private wealth and corporate lawyers and, by working as one, we are able to offer the best solutions from both a personal and business perspective to ensure that one does not adversely impact the other.

Areas where we can help:

  • Asset protection on marriage
  • Business succession
  • Education planning
  • Family Investment Companies / Partnerships
  • Financial education
  • Life insurance and life insurance trusts
  • Tax planning
  • Trusts
  • Wills

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