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Sales and restructuring

There may be any number of reasons why you are considering selling or restructuring your business, many positive and some less so. We take the time at the outset to understand your drivers, and in doing so, help find the right path for you.

It may be that the assets or entities you are looking to sell are already neatly packaged together – but on many occasions that’s not the case. Your portfolio may need some restructuring or general ‘tidying up’ before it is ready for sale. We can work alongside your personal tax advisers (whether internal or external) to navigate through this ‘pre-sale’ exercise, with the aim of maximising the value of your assets while minimising inadvertent tax charges or the sale having an adverse impact on the rest of your portfolio.

We find that some clients are very familiar with the course of a corporate sale or restructuring, but to others the process can appear complex and bewildering. We translate the complex into the simple, and project manage the process from start to finish to ensure you are free to focus on the things that matter most to you.

Cripps Life is supported by our firm’s award-winning team of over 30 specialist transaction lawyers who negotiate deals day in, day out. We also have a dedicated transaction services team that specialises in coordinating data rooms, and increasingly uses Docusign, to make your life, and your deals, as efficient and straightforward as possible. We work with you to understand what really matters, and ensure that the less important items are taken care of behind the scenes, with little to no input from you required.

Our Cripps Life team also helps you anticipate and plan for the next steps: now that you have sold your business, you’ll likely be looking to do something with money from the deal.  What does the sale mean to you?  What do you hope to achieve as a result?  We work with you to ensure that any future considerations sit comfortably within your wider portfolio of assets so you that you can achieve your life goals.

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