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Buying a business

Every successful business will at some point face the question: do I want to keep growing and, if so, how can I achieve this?

Buying another company is an obvious option, but this comes with risks: in acquiring a company, you automatically inherit all of the liabilities sitting within it, whether you know about them or not. Other choices include expanding your existing network, or purchasing the assets or business of another company, which allow you to cherry pick which assets and liabilities you are happy to take on.

Expansion should never be viewed in isolation. We work with you to ensure that the structure of any acquisition fits in with your wider life goals, and complements rather than cuts across any other planning already in place. Our job is to consult with you and listen to your needs, then structure a team around you to help you navigate the choices and process as smoothly as possible, with as little or as much input and support from us as you need.

Buying a business, in whatever fashion you choose to do so, often involves a multitude of complex issues, requiring multi-disciplinary legal teams and external advisers to coordinate advice. We understand that this introduces lots of ‘moving pieces’ and can be confusing and frustrating to clients. At Cripps Life our teams are always partner-led, so you have one point of contact throughout the transaction who is on hand to discuss and advise at every stage. We take responsibility for finding all the answers you need and coordinating the team accordingly, so you don’t have to.

When it comes to negotiating, we don’t believe in point-scoring or jargon. We listen to what you want to achieve and focus our efforts on delivering that in a stress-free and pro-active manner, so that both sides in a sale or acquisition clearly understand the terms on which the deal is being offered. Any deal is a collaborative process. From experience, we understand how vital this is to ensuring a healthy transaction that goes through without a hitch.

You may also have a network of other advisers, whether external or within family offices, who you trust and expect to be involved in any deal. We embrace this, having worked with external advisers on day-to-day basis for a number of years. Our focus is always on engaging with them in a positive and collegiate manner to deliver joined up advice to you and deliver the results that you expect.

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