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Our approach

Your problems don’t keep strict office hours and neither do we. We will give you a dedicated team so that you can get legal advice when you need it, whether that be by phone, email or video conference. Your Cripps Life team will be responsive, handling all matters sensitively and with the utmost discretion and confidentiality at all times.

Where it is appropriate to do so, you will have two dedicated legal advisers who will be with you right from the start, both chosen to best reflect your specific needs. We find, for example, that having the expertise of a corporate and a private wealth lawyer together, is often useful for giving you the benefit of both perspectives and a completely holistic view. They will be responsible for liaising with you on a day-to-day basis, co-ordinating your requirements internally and keeping you informed of progress.

Giving you two senior team members ensures that you will receive a seamless service with no gaps; they will keep one another updated on all activity, so if either one is unavailable we can respond to your needs without delay.

They will co-ordinate with our wider team, bringing in specialists from our firm of 450 people as and when you need them. Behind the scenes we have the people, technology and processes required to provide a streamlined service, all with the same end goal – to facilitate informed decision-making, save you time and deliver premium advisory services so you can then focus on what’s important to you.

Looking for something else?

If you have questions we haven’t answered here, please contact one of the team for a no-obligation, initial conversation and we can take the first step in achieving your goals.